Sunday, April 21, 2013

Critical Mass

Okay, so heres the thing, dear reader.  My push to base up and paint all my minis has been violently successful in the first months of the campaign.  The thing is... well, if you take N number of miniatures that occupy S space in baggies, stored in boxes, then attach them using G glue to some very nice 30mm MDF (B) bases you get this forumula...

S(B x 30) = 1A+ (G+B+fingers =Z7 debonder)

1 being 100% and A being my arse.  Yes, the mathematics proves it.. I am up to my arse in minis.

By basing things I have increased their surface area, and that is a greater area than I can deal with neatly.  My current tubs method is not working as they dicontinued my 3 litre tupperware tubs, and you cannot store 30mm based and painted minis economically in take out containers.

Therefore I am up for suggestions on how to store my preciousnesses in an economical way.  Right now, I am leaning toward box files with magnetic sheeting... but a decent box file costs about 20 Australian bucks (or in Canadian Dollars Aboot 20 bucks).  An a4 sized bit of rubber steel sheet is pretty pricey out here also.  Australians are getting screwed badly with pricing.

I dont want to lay them down in foam trays... in my experience thats like rubbing sandpaper on your paintjobs.  I want to go the 'standing up with magnets' route.

Any thoughts appreciated.


  1. I've made my choice for foam trays in suitcases since it's a very cheap and versatile solution. I have to agree that the abrasive aspect of it is a real turn-down and you have to be extra careful for huge pieces or for minis with thin and fragile weapons. It can also be a pain in the ass with resin models who tend to bend...

    Now, these problems are only big issues if you travel a lot (when going playing). Mine spend most of their lazy time nicely standing next to another and I have not lost a paintjob (though the fact I varnish every mini tends to help I agree)
    The best 'standing up with magnets' solution I've come across was a simple 'magnetic bases in toolboxes'

  2. If you don't want to spring for steel sheeting, why not glue down some steel washers? Plenty magnetic, and cheap in bulk.

  3. Give yourself a big, manly kiss on your own forehead Mattias... thats a brilliant idea and can use up that bulk washer box under my desk!

  4. Hold on a week or two as I have a post draft in progress addressing this exact thing. I was there and have a great solution. Yes, trays are good and foam, bad.