Monday, June 4, 2012

Trolling Lichemaster

Following the death of my Fantasy Tribes era Necromancer, a package arrive with these damned sexy minis!  Just in time to cheer me up after the death of the other necromancer, the trollolo guy. Cheers Luke!

Citadel's Mikael Jacsen & Heinrich Kemmler
Terror of the Lichemaster Deal Set

I wasn't planning on collecting the Lichemaster scenario figures, as scenario packs can get expensive real quick.  I decided I would only pump lolly, dosh and readies into a McDeath set.  Which, by the way is just 4 figures to go.  Naturally these are the expensive ones.  Oh well.  Economic crash may help there.
I am looking forward to painting these again- my last licks of paint on Heinrich where in 1990- where he got thickly painted green outfit.  This time I think I will go more with the 'week old corpse' description in the game book and a drabber outfit.  His exposed legs always sat wrong to me amongst the renaisance figures of that time.

My new 'paint one base color on everything in one go' discipline has paid its first dividends with my orc warband nearing completion. Having all the bases done for orc flesh, fur, leather and mail meant that a it did not take a lot of motivation to shade them in.  Its a bad photo, but I think I will do a proper studio pic once I finish them and add shields.  I am thinking of going a bit Paul Benson and a Frazer Gray on the shields.  Anyway, here is the progress...

WIP:  Orcs from ages past.  Mainly Perry Twins with some Kev Adams sculpts.

I am finding starting with a flat upper mid tone and shading first down, then up is a much faster technique to my normal shading up from dark.  Being confronted by a dark figure and knowing its going to take a while to build up to a basic look is a bit of a motivation crusher.  I am enjoying this way because after the initial dark shading washes (and by washes I mean tissue tapped glazes, sort of like an aimed wash), the model looks 'tabletop standard', and every pass I do adds a little more spice.  The other way only gives results near completion.

For my next load of figures I am also going for more color and contrast so they read better on the table, plus switching to lighter, more neutral earth tones rather than my normal mossy green for the base, as it makes the model pop out a little more, and I like using dark greens on my figures.

Trollolo guy died today. Trolling saruman was my favorite internet meme.  How about we Troll Lichemaster...

Lo lo lo, ha ha ha... trollo.. lol.. summon troll...


  1. Nice to see more undead on the blogs, I have just started to paint up a 3rd edition horde of the rotters myself, and I am looking forwards to your progress. It is also nice to seem the Lichemaster himself appear on a blog (Gaj would be envious!) considering his enormous value but I am sure you will do the old meddler justice!


  2. Congrats!
    I love these old minis - too bad they are so hard to get =/

  3. Enjoy mate! After sitting on my shelf for 20+ years I'm sure you can give the old villain the paintjob he richly deserves. Good luck in hunting down the others though...

  4. Worthy of Heroes for Wargames. I like this style. Dirtier and more graphic at the same time. Looking forward to seeing more results.