Tuesday, June 19, 2012

John Blanche minis

God I just love his painterly mini style and twisted conversions! I have been collecting images lately and just cannot seem to find enough. I have ratspike, Heroes for wargames, blachitsu pdf on orc bikers, skaven imperial guard book, inquisitor and white dwarfs from the 1980s and have googled like mad to find more. What I really want is black library to do a Blanchitsu book just showing grids of picture after picture of JB works from 1980 through to today and do a video time lapse of him working!
Shall we start a petition?

Here are some I have gathered so far- apologies for not crediting the sources and linking back- I will correct that shortly when I have a moment to refind them but for now I am on my iphone and it does not let me store data with each... enjoy.

I have lots more, but if anyone can point me to WD issues with his work, sites etc I would love it!

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  1. I would give up a kidney for a lovely tome of old school Blanche mini's.
    You should seriously consider putting together a book of your own mini's, I'd certainly grab a copy :)

  2. I would love nothing more, that man is an idol and I have always loved his works...
    The Citadel Miniatures Modelling Guide** has a few pages devoted to Blanche toward the back of the book, including a light rundown on his style.

    (**Mike McVey,has a really nice chaos dragon conversion on the cover, circa '94?)

  3. Hi!

    Theres a photo of his chaos space marine army in the 2nd edition 40k chaos codex.

    I took a quick pic and stuck it on photobucket here:


    Its not the best but I can try and get a better one if you need it!

    All the best

  4. I've got a large collection of John's painted and converted figures Dave. My eventual aim is to photograph them all and post the pics on the web. In the meantime there are some here (feel free to use any images you wish):


    Not all of these are by John, but you can probablu spot the ones that are!


  5. Cheers spacecow smith- it would be nice to get closer in- its hard to make out the surface. I found I had to scan mine at 600 dpi- and I can remove the noise at this end!