Friday, June 29, 2012

Blanchead progress

Okay some crappy iphone pictures via blogpress will have to suffice, but here is some of the stuff I was talking about yesterday.
First a total and utter homage on John Blanched Psychotic head monster... I did a smaller version using a Reaper Hooked Horror and Orc.

This is a WIP of the uber rare citadel Chaos Demon which I reconstructed by rethreading each joint with wire. Took ages but... look, a seven dollar rarity!
I ripped the colors directly from the six amazingly characterful chaos spawn Steve posted.

Next up, Snow white and the seven chaos dwarves- mid way through rebasing and repainting to the metallic blues and cold flesh on The Master of Madness. Here is a closer look at his work in progress, along with a chaos sorceress and a really old ral partha figure.

I am really loving how the muted but warm soil colors pop the color out, I flecked in tints of other colors to add interest like Frank Frazetta and started to add puddles of foul water and twisted roots - this could be my new themes!
Lots more crazy chaos spawn and John Blanche homages on the table, but right now its time for bed!


  1. Dave-

    I wouldn't mind at all if you someday posted a how-to on the orangey-yellowy skin tones you got here on the Chaos spawn. That mini looks like it leapt right outta a 'eavy Metal article circa 1988. Nice job.

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  3. I've got myself a new website Dave with loads of Blanche goodness in the galleries:


  4. These are some great WIPs. Couldn't hit closer to my favorite style of figure if you tried.