Sunday, April 22, 2012

Restraint rant

I am not collecting space orks.I am not collecting space orks.I am not collecting space orks.I am not collecting space orks.I am not collecting space orks.I am not collecting space orks.

Sigh... it seems my lead addiction is worsening, as I have started eyeballing figures from ranges I am not yet collecting. Thats bad. Thats very, very bad. One space Ork and booph! Next thing you know I have a shelf load of the buggers. And I am not collecting space Orks!
Its bad enough that right now I am on a Realm of Chaos era binge, Greater demons... Sorry Daemons... are not cheap,and like pringles you cant stop at just one right?
I dont like space orks. Do I? But then again I didnt like Ral Partha figures and look what happened!
Heck, am I going to wake up one day and start wanting Marauder minis? I want it on record that I hate the look of marauder figures, no sense of weight, strange faces and clinically smooth without any surprising little details to hold the eye. Mind you, it did not help that they arrived at the moment everything in white dwarf went to garish clashing colors- sickening orange and green, blue and red - complimentary colors at full saturation fighting for attention on stiff looking figures.... Good god the 1990s where an eyesore.
Add to that horrific changes like Gary Morleys undead who where all posed like Terrance and Phillip replacing Kev Adams characterful zombies, and Kev himself stopped making characterful goblinoids with rich and varied faces and started churning out cookie cutter night goblins and orcs with the same symmetrical, tiny toothed faces, fluffy 3 spiked helmets, painted that frikkin cranked up orange-red and full bore green... Uhg, I was OUT of there and over to Warzone before the dust settled on the first box of primary colored single pose empire troops. Bad citadel- go to your room!
Anyway, I digress. I dont collect first release space Orks- even though they represent the last great Adams goblinoid phase... Uhg... Maybe just one then... Now should it be Evilgrin ironbonce or smiler rogit?

Next prog... Something painted from Space... space.... pace... ace....


  1. I have some 2nd edition space orks if you are interrested? Was planning on dumping them up on ebay

  2. While I cannot agree with you about Marauder Miniatures...they are my all time favorites...I can enable your RT orc fascination....I have no use for them either...but I still wants them!

  3. Thanks m'lord- but no, I dont collect Orks! I dont collect...

    Hey blue, the good news is more for you! I also hate dark elves for no reason, and Marauder Dark elves the most. The giant, however, is rather good!

    Speaking of which (rummage, rummage) yes it appears I have a bucket load of Marauder elves destined for stripping and ebaying that arrived in a job lot. Someone will be happy to see them I am sure!

  4. Hhaha...I too dislike Marauder Elves...those are one range that I think really missed the mark from them. The Dwarfs and Greenskins though...dddrroolll

    If I can hypothesize here a moment I might guess that you don't like Marauder Miniatures ...and conversely why I do like them) because they were actually designed specifically for WFB...for use as units...they are some of the first figures that have complete regiments...and were sold as such...this is great for the WFB player...and not great for a more role playing focused individual...which I would suggest is more your bias (please correct me if I'm wrong).

    Even the earlier Citadel Imperial Dwarfs...while they often share common not really make great regimental figures...they are TOO individual...don't get me wrong I love them too but in a different way...they are perfect for Skulldred but not as good for WFB. I often think of myself as more of a UNIT collector rather than a FIGURE collector...Marauder Minis are perfect for my also helps that I like the style of course..:)

  5. Yes exactly, you hit the nail on the head- Marauder marked the change from dynamic characters snapshots of fantasy to blocks of bland poses. Annoyingly Aly Morrison left the cartoony crazy characters like Judge Dredd perps and Talisman and Spearheaded the revolution that 'meh'ified the direction of the company.
    Figures no longer told a story, but where just a face in the crowd.

  6. Hey Dave...I find myself on the horns of a delemia...I'm working on a smallish Elf force to play against my Dwarfs, Humans, and Chaos Forces...And amazingly I find myself starting to appreciate the Marauder Elves a bit more. Have you sold off the lot that you have? If not you might convince me to take any archer figures you have....I'm happy to strip them myself.