Monday, April 2, 2012

Bitz box bashing and the dawn of the great rebasing

Whilst I sculpt miniatures I like to have a couple of conversions on the go to use up scrap putty or pass time whilst waiting for the right set on the putty to allow fine detailing.
Right now I am wrapping up the fiddly fine details on ten Lead Adventure mutants, so had time to try cobbling together some figures using a few sprues of laser weapons from the ever awesome Hasslefree Miniatures. Victoria Lamb recommended them to me and I can see why. Dead handy.

The parts come from what I believe where marauder figures, the previous owner had converted them into super hero figures. I got them in a lot just to grab a rare imperial assassin figure, and always figured I would find something to use them on. Now they are perfect as perps for Judge Dredd, Rogue Trader or future wars!
The girl on the right's face is from a quite uncheerful Jez Goodwin elf cheerleader. Two broken ones lurk in my bitz box, so she may reappear in another build!
Having those hasslefree guns means any miniature can be repurposed into a John Blanchesque dystopian future figure in no time. Two thumbs up from me Kev and Sal!

My hobby time this week was eaten up by the arrival of one big assed bag of 30mm lipped bases.

Armed with my trusty tin snips, sand and about a pint of superglue, I started the strangely satisfying task of hacking off and remounting the majority of figures on my shelves.

Here be one batch awaiting sand.

As discussed in a recent post its amazing the difference these bases make to the presence of each figure, and I have a new rush of painty juju flowing up the inspirational pipe, encouraging me to get stuck into finishing up a few new warbands from many I rebased, ready for some hardcore Skulldred skirmish sessions!
Rebase a figure you are sick of looking at and voila! Painty juju.

I decided to kick off the basing exploits with some undead and chaos thug figures that have been hanging around the lead pile for too long gathering mental cloggyness. Using a production line mentality, I based, primed, undercoated, ambient blue overbrushed and sea grey / white drybrushed pre shaded the whole damn lot on two wooden batons.
I found it really surprising just how empowering transitioning lead pile long timers to 'ready to paint'. It means any time I like I can just pick up a figure and go for it.
I can't wait to slap some lime green on that tentacle thug. Classic!

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