Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New citadel paints

Ahh the paints are dead, long live the paints.

Yes, so the big, big buzz at the moment is the new citadel paints.
Well, I am actually quite happy by the addition of more shades of washes and foundations, but the renaming of old lines bugs me a bit.  I won't be rushing out to replace my paints any time soon, but if I happen to pass a GW in a few months will definately grab some choice picks to explore.

What confuses me is that John Blanche uses a 50-50 mix of Gryphonne Sepia and Devlan Mud on all his figures- which is something I do as the former is too garish, the latter too dull.  It would have been nice to see these adjusted or perhaps an intermediate one added.  Never mind, Windsor and Newton Nut brown plus matte medium and flow aid is pretty close.

I am really loving my Taucept Ocre (or whatever its called now)- as an undercoat for yellow.  Finally, yes finally I painted something yellow that looked good.  I think your gonna like this!


  1. Isn't it amazing how well GW gets everyone in the hobby so riled up? I mean, the paint line DOES look a lot more complete and now ready to compete on a quality level with Vallejo, and the new "shades" line is very intriguing, but the level of buzz this announcement has generated is amazing. Still the king, despite all of our efforts.

    Iyanden Yellow foundation as a basecoat is also another (brighter) yellow you might want to give a whirl- covers well. That being said, you'll have to figure out what the new name is, or buy someone's leftovers before they switch over to the new line. :)

  2. i get how GW is trying to get inline with every other paint manufacturer out there. what i don't get is why in gods name they are ditching all their old paint names they have had for ever and a day!!!

    why not keep all the old names & add new names on top of them?

    i mean....what is the point in dropping all their cool nostalgic names?????


  3. On the subject of paint what did you use to paint your red goblins? They look wonderful and I am stumped!!

  4. I always used vomit brown as the base for yellow.

  5. Hey Steve,
    My red takes ages to do, its black base, then a plum purple base. Dark flesh mixed 50% matte medium, built up then ( and here is the trick)... Liquitex paints brightest red (cadmium red?) diluted with flow aid, matte medium and industrial talc!
    Voodoo huh?
    Yep, no mini paints yet get to that top gamut red yet.
    Try a few dilute glazes with orange windsor& newton ink too if you want to go warmer.