Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Matakishi is the man

Matakishi is one of those I am happy to call a 'legend' in the games hobby.  His blog, Matakishi's tea house is a must read for any gamer.
It was at the tea house I learned how to make a smooth miniature surface- a huge barrier I had to overcome when I first started sculpting minis, and its from the tea house where I got my latest revalation about the hobby.

Matakishi is a projects man.  He makes small, contained projects, then works them through to completion.  Scenery, figures and often rules too.  A playable game table with everything on it finished to a good, if not excellent standard.
My collection is a sprawling, seething mix from which I pluck models to paint based on whim.  As I paint some barbarians, I know there are more in storage and more on their way from the land of ebay.  My goal has to paint complete collections of sets that interest me.  Worse still, I have several figures I want to paint really, really well... so they remain unpainted of course.
Well, readers of my blog will remember the dead energy projec, where I took some figures that, well, they where not my favourites... and I painted the living hell out of them?  That project really released some hobby karmic blockage, and I followed it with a painting spree that really dented my lead pile!

Matakishi focuses on game projects.  Small, doable and inspiring.  That ideas really got me primed up.

I am next going to attack my collection with the goal of making two finished themed warbands for Skulldred, along with finished game items to play some simple scenarios.  Everything on the table finished and to a good standard- including tokens, goal markers and a few choice scenery items.
Now... the question is what scenario?


  1. Projects. Doable projects. Such a good idea, such a hard discipline to learn when the lead pile presents so many possibilities.

    In fact, I need to learn the discipline to put aside many of the doable gaming-orientated projects until the first has been finished; I wanted to 'metal-up' Heroquest, I wanted to get a range of teams painted up for BloodBowl, I wanted to paint my classic Space Hulk up, I wanted to put together the forces to play vintage scenarios such as Terror of the Lichmaster and the Magnificent Sven...

  2. Now they all sound very noble projects- no wonder your stumped.
    Personally I would tackle that space hulk first- finite number of marines and gene stealers can be done in batches using a spray color to get the blue done.
    Grab some sulaco resin bases and your gold!

    Then of course you get the urge to do resin doors

  3. Thanks for the tip on the bases.

    If I get to the point that I'm doing resin doors, I imagine that I'll have also found myself scouring eBay for vintage metal genestealers and terminators...