Thursday, August 4, 2011


Jes Goodwins Chaos Familiar Demonette
A quickie but a goodie.  Jes Goodwin's kinky little demonette from the Chaos Sorcerers range- recently re-released by GW as part of the famous familiars.  Remember the beastman with the chaingun that had this girl growing from his head with her pubic hair woven into his goaty braids?  John Blanche did that little bit of 1980s Realm of Chaos Gold- you can find it in his Ratspike book along with other great conversions.  I grabbed an extra set of familiars just so I could shred them up for similar conversions.

This lass is going to have resin poured into the pool in front of her... though I may transfer her to another base first.  Not decided yet.


  1. Excellent work...I love the base!

  2. This familiar, along with the classic crouching hooded chaos sorcerer with the monster sword (see 'em both next to one another here:
    are two of my all-time favorite Jes Goodwin sculpts. So malignant and evil. Great job!

  3. Oh yeah, that sorcerer is a fave too... though I prefer the horned variant myself.
    My all time favourite is the bone armoured lizard priest. One of the most iconic images of the original golden demon for me was that figure!

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