Thursday, January 27, 2011

Last nights strip show

Last night I plucked up the courage to empty out my stripping jars and scrub clean everything.  Its been months since I did this, so I had no idea what lurked within.  After many hours I finally ended up with 160 shiny  miniatures and a few surprises.  It was like christmas!

First up, Jiff.  Yes, Jiff cream cleaner.

You know that black, sticky gunge that sticks to all your tools whilst your cleaning minis and forms a film over everything?  Jiff.  Instantly lifts the gunge and removes the dettol smell.  Secondly, since its alkaline, it works on the figures too- neutralising any acids and halting lead rot.  Its helps remove the stickiness and last scraps of paint.  It also renders your kitchen sink use-able again!  You heard it here first peeps.  Give them a good rinse in clean water afterwards to remove any lingering chemicals before priming though!

Emerging from the primordial soup was a complete adventurer starter set to compliment my monster starter set, a bunch of new recruits for C100 space marine Kill Team, Jes Goodwins Manticore, Griffon and Ogres, a fist full of Kev Adams Goblins, Ral Partha Cyclops and enough preslotta adventurers to fill a D&D manual.  My first talisman toad (armoured) and three copies of the same orc creature from the white dwarf personality boxed set.  Doh.  Off to ebay for you sonnies.

One big surprise.  A really ugly figure covered in enamel from a job lot cleaned up to reveal itself to be a gem.  A Citadel Fantasy Specials peg legged dungeon torturess!  Boo-yaaaa!

Its still hideous.

So my fingers are worn to stumps from copper brushing, but I can rest now that one more thing that's been hovering on my to do list is done!  Of course, the problem with this is that its just created 150 new to paint items and 10 to ebay off items.  Sigh.  This hobby just takes and takes.

Next entry (as soon as I get my camera back) I will be showing off some polished turds as I turn my brush in the goodly direction of a few great fantasy special clerics, female clerics and knights of law!  Plus, them Red orcs are back... and this time they have brought mates.... and Vordak from lone Wolf pops up in a conversion.

Later leadheads!


  1. Mmm, starter sets. I've had them both sitting in their boxes on my lead pile for a couple of years now. I really look forward to what you do with them, may even inspire me to give them a go.

    Just to point out, you don't need any Goblin master goblins. Forget about collecting them, no body likes them. Just send what you have to me.

  2. Ooo, nice discovery! I'll be getting some of that then. But...lead rot? What new terror is this?!

    It is a great feeling looking at shiny minis after scrubbing them to newness. I bought an orc army years ago for a tenner and spent many happy hours discovering the classic orc goodness underneath what could only be described as a mound of seemingly randomly applied paint.

  3. Here-here, what is your Ebay handle?

    I have the PC starter set, but I'm painting everything else first to hone my skills before I attempt them.

  4. Great tip on the Jiff or Cif or whatever they call it over here in the UK now - the wife will be pleased!

    Might have a look in my jar - been stewing awhile...

    The manticore is a great mini - look forward to seeing some paint thrown around!

  5. LOL. Goblins.
    My ebay handle is, surprisingly, kingofdaveness. Stay tuned, because when I finally bother to post up my seconds I will also be selling my mint still in plastic wrap heroquest box. Oooooh.

    I have half of a second PC starter set here too- thinking I may get the rest and paint it up for sale.

    That manticore is a classic- I will have to sculpt a foot back on this one... thinking I may wait, get an undamaged one and use this one for a chaos steed.