Saturday, January 29, 2011

Daves Blue and Orange Period

Dwarf Adventurers - Three breasted, Chaos, Zombie, Ninja, Demon Dwarf.
Cyclops mutant Orc

You know how it is, you have a bunch of colours on your wet palette and you start looking around for other things to use up the paint.  This week it was blue and orange.

One tip today is the brilliance on Flow Improver.  A 20:1 mix water to Liquitex Flow improver dropped into citadel paint will make it instantly fluid and stop it clinging to your brush!  You know how when you do fine details it just likes your brush better than your model?  Flow Improver.

  Too much, however and your surface will become fuzzy as the paint fails to grab itself and cracks...  some accuse reaper master series of having too much flow improver because of this effect.  I never basecoat with Reaper Master Series, instead going with VMC or Citadel.  (For shading glazes, they are brilliant though because of the huge range of colours).

Failing that, use dish soap instead.  It had the added benefits of being cheap and helping intermix citadel and VMC paints effortlessly.  I use a 1:20 or higher ratio of washing up liquid in a reaper dropper bottle.

Monster Starter Set Lesser Goblin

As you can see, my labour of love Monster Starter set has gotten a little attention.  I got the empty box off EBAY this week - sent all the way from Germany.  Its great as a reference for colours- not a green orc or goblin in sight!

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  1. I had the orc cyclops meself once upon a time in the North.

    Blue really suits him.

    Have been enjoying having a rummage through your posts!