Monday, January 10, 2011

Dave finally gets a Chaos Army together

Prepping my HotT army and hunting around for figures it struck me that I had a damn lot of classic Realm Of Chaos minis that I have yet to get around to painting.  I realised I was being a doofus not making an army with them.  A single paint scheme would mean fast strip painting, and would be a glorious thing on the shelf.
The thought boiled around in my head for a while.  The problem is I do not like square bases, and wanted something really different.  I am not a joiner, a fanboy or a conformist.

Some of my old chaos figures.  Preslotta to the front, third compendium slottabase to the back

Frother Spikehead solved it for me. (cheers) He posted up some of Fraser Greys brilliant, gob smackingly good pictures on the Citadel Archive Thread, and I saw how Fraser (who totally was my painting god in the 1990s because of his super smooth style) did his orcs on little raised clumps. I realised I could do the whole army on individual diorama like chunks, mounted on old school plasticard squares- like people did with mdf and card back in pre-slotta days.  The chunk would act like a plinth, so when the figure is on its own attention is drawn to it as an individual piece.  Together, it would move as an army and be tournament legal.  (Not that I ever plan to play.)  It would also mean I could keep all the tabs intact on all the archive figures.

The other problem is that I do not like the mainstream chaos colours, and wanted a non denominational 'chaotic' army.  I already have a red army - my Sisters of Battle.  I also have a lime green shelf of old orcs, and felt that I had done that to death too.  I did not want a pastel army or a neutral metallic one.  I wanted something different...

Here are some pics I have already posted earlier on at my first attempts at the really old stuff.  Again, I wanted non- denominational, but the results where not striking.
Classic Chaos Warriors

Later that day the colour scheme then fell into place.  After a few hours look through old White Dwarf mags with no luck my eye fell on the Eavy Metal Chaos Warrior himself  (the one I lovingly repainted for my blog logo).  Magenta and Blueish green.  Not quite Nurgle, Not quite Khorne, the pinky magenta a little of Slaanesh, the turquoise spot colours a little of T'zeench (Gesundheit.).  Non conformist and old school all in one go!

So here is the test model, backed by some speed painted troops.  This is the least favourite of the chaos warriors, which is why he went first.  That helmet.... uhg.  I will go in and do an NMM style green metal on all of them (starting at the front ranks) and more lavishing of detail when I have time, but I wanted them all mostly done so I had a sense of achievement and could get a feel for how it looks.  I like it so far!

Citadel 1980s Chaos Warrior and his mates

Citadel Chaos Warriors, Champions, Lords and shield maiden.
Mostly Jes Goodwin & Bob Naismith 'Realm of Chaos' Era Citadel
With a few much older ones.
The army is going to be fielded with John Blanche yellow-white demons of all types- bloodletters, Daemonettes and scratch built things.  The banners will all be 1980s style too, and the shields heavy on old school style symbols - swastikas, ying-yang, demon faces, evil moons and so on.

It also gives me an excuse to cut up some old broken chaos warriors and do some Realm of Chaos mutation stupidity!
My lovely wife got me some mounted Chaos Champions and knights from GW for Christmas (how damned nice are those horse!, so they will have to be converted to crapola too!

Now I am daydreaming of having an army consisting of every single chaos warrior ever released.  Can you imagine that?  Hobby heaven!


  1. The colour scheme reminds me slightly about Phil Lewis' Chaos All-Stars team, as seen here:

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  2. Got hold of an old White Dwarf recently with a great 'eavy metal section on mutating chaos thugs with wire and putty - long necks, beaks, spikes, pinheads and all sorts of craziness - looking forward to seeing your abominations...

    Nice colour scheme too!

  3. @Thantsants Oooh ooh scans Thants - scans!

    @ Phreed Oh yes, its perfect!

  4. Jes Goodwin's chaos warriors still rock and you undoubtedly will give them the best treatment possible.
    I started this hobby 18 years ago by collecting these very same miniatures and they still are amongst my favourite's.
    Your work truly is an inspiration for us ol'timers with leadpiles waiting for a new start !
    Hope to to see and get my hands on the new Dwergs ^^!

    Cheers mate.

  5. Cheers - I am working on them there Dwergs right now!

  6. Found your page on a random search, you might like this classic old Chaos Lord: