Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Walking Dead Minis

Hey sexy gamers, here is a quick review of The Walking Dead minis I have picked up so far.
The material is gamer perfection. Harder than Bones, but flexible enough to bounce without possibly snapping. This to me is where minis should be. GW hard plastics are fragile in comparison. The detail level is great, smooth enough for blending, sharp enough for drybrushing.  Excellent.
The mid grey color makes them easy to look over for detail- again, much better than Bones - but I saw a pack of Bones minis in mid grey yesterday so that excites me.  Bones need this, and could so with another shift towards a firmer material. The progress Reaper have made so far has been great.

So there is a downside.  Glue.  The minis are pre-assembled.  Which is cool, but the glue work can be sloppy.

I may try a dettol bath to loosen the glue on my next purchase- then reglue.  However I have idea if this will work.

The minis are closer to 30mm scale and to be honest I love it.  It makes models' eyes brush sized, makes the figures easy to read on the game table.  It means more robust figures and... yeah I have to say I love it.

9/10 Mantic.  Will buy the range.

Personally I want DnD and Pathfinder to ditch prepaints from gaming and switch to this scale.  :)

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  1. Wizkids just launched unpainted non-random plastic mini lines for both d&d and pathfinder, so you're in luck in regards to that last request. No idea on actual quality of the minis though.