Friday, January 6, 2017

Floorplan test

Chris Di Donna printed out my test piece for 33mm grid dungeon tiles and it looks good.  The men are on 25mm bases, and the GW figure is on 40mm base.  So yeah, pretty roomy without being ridiculous.

Grid testing courtesy of Chris Di Donna @BigChrisDid on Twitter

The idea is that most modern minis need 30 to 32 mm for their bases, and often encounters feature 40mm monsters too.  A 33 mm grid allows for more room to play.

I am releasing all these floorplans as ongoing rewards for my $10/month playtest Patreons (as well as access to beta testing rules for Stardred and later Skulldred, and tutorial PDFs).  (www.patreon/darkling if you wanna join)

First up is a complete set of basic dungeon tiles along the similar vein to Citadel's original dungeon tile boxed sets- with crisp digital artwork and many more additions and variations.  After that, a 33mm scale Heroquest like tile set, walls, caverns and wilderness encounters.  I will start wandering into different genres after that.

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