Monday, May 23, 2016

Old photos

Going through some stolen data tapes some Bothans gave to me, I found these pictures.  It has me all excited about getting through the next three months, when I can afford to get a place and ship them up.

I have a large Rogue Trader / 2000ad collection, all based on Renedra low profile bases ready for street fighting.  In addition to these beauties, I have plenty of original Warzone metals, Hassslefree and Bob Olley Sci fi to keep me pew-pewing for years.

This is an old pick when I was trying out ply bases.  Cannot wait to paint the shit out of that cow, and the 80's ninjas painted as power rangers.  Most of these where rebased to 30mm.

One of the last shots of my desk before the dark days descended.  Many Bothans died to bring me that gorgeous little Ral Partha Winged Leopard.

One or two minis here and there.

Scrap thingies for whatchamacallit hordeymcwars.

Doom chicken from Woahmawhores.  Her sister was midway through a spiderlegs conversion.  There is a thumpy claw golem thingie for the team, a Denice-negra or whatever her name is and Doomgore Angrygoth who I converted to be on an undead horse.

I am such a huge fan of warblehorlicks.

Okay, sleep now.  Hopefully I have that reoccuring dream I have where I am in this massive second hand miniatures bootsale and find a tin full of mcDeath figures.

G'night lead heads.

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