Saturday, May 21, 2016

A gift for Ms. A

A dear friend of mine in England went under the knife yesterday.  To celebrate her surviving the NHS, I granted her one wish, like the twisted goth fairy sculptress I am.

She wished for a 90's TV version of Cyclops converted from the current Knight Games one.  

Granted, mortal!

Now my local miniature store is Mind Games in Melbourne.  They don't have the most fluid turnover in stock (their Reaper minis have desperately needed a restock for six months now) but I try and support bricks and mortar where I can.

So what are the odds they have the model as a single blister, considering it has been discontinued and rolled into a box set?

Well dayum, I rolled a natural 20.

This is my first encounter with Knight Models and I have to confess being underwhelmed.

For starters, I cannot understand why this model has seperate arms.  It is ridiculous how mini companies make gaming figures that require pinning of thin, long levers like this.  The pose it on a plane!!!  In my day it would have been a single cast.

Cyclops accidentally smells his armpits with his visor open

I also dislike the poses and proportions on almost all the models.  Harley looks kinda bored and her henchmen look like they a queuing for Killing Joke concert tickets in the rain.  I suspect I know why.  Having done the DC pitch for Arkham Asylum, I can only imagine the notes and revisions going back and forth.

Now, being the kinda woman who is rather partial to women, I thought about supporting the team and buying Batwoman (who, as you should know is the first openly lipstick lesbian character in DC history), but the pose and fragile peices stopped me dead.

This led me to daydream on the train back today.  I was thinking what an eighties Citadel licensed superhero range would look like.  Ten bucks says they would have assigned Ally Morrison to the job, and that would have been gloriously whacky.  At least he would give us decently sized heads with clear, paintable facial features (albeit with big mouth barrels) unlike Knight model's finicky pinheaded lot.

Oh well, Ms. A is an excellent mini painting mistress, I am sure she can get some character into him.

Get well soon Ms. A!



  1. As it happens, Citadel did do a range of superhero minis in the eighties - 1984, to be exact, for the GW Golden Heroes RPG. I'm not sure who the sculptor was but I don't think it was Ally Morrison. Here are some links....

  2. Yeah, I know. They where dreadful. I am talking licensed characters.