Friday, January 11, 2013

New year, new phone, new app test

Happy new year Leadsbians.
Yeah... thats not going to catch on...

Testing this new blogspot app... and the camera on my phone.

Here is a picture of some work in progress.  Splintered light 15mm undead.


  1. 15mm fantasy is on my 'to-do' list. You've done a cracking job on those guys.

  2. Splintered light's webstore doesn't do justice to these minis. Great job!

  3. Lovely work as ever, your usual tinting technique?

  4. Cheers all- yes its all tinting.
    Started with white enamel as undercoat for toughness, then black acrylic. Overbrush dark sea blue. Build up drybrushing adding blue grey, then white. Gives a night time cool feel.
    Washes of ogre flesh then glazes of mat medium tinted with various colors.

  5. Lovely work as always. What are you using for scenic materials? The groundwork on the zombie at far left caught my eye in particular.