Sunday, July 15, 2012

Zzap! Blanchitsu

Ah, dear readers- fancy meeting you all you here. Well, while I have you have a peek at these...

Citadel, sister of battle, nurgle marine and early chaos broo.

Its just a quick iphone pic, I am rejigging the room to include a permanent light box above my desk, hopefully better images after thats done.
So as you can see they are a liiiiiiitle bit inspired by John Blanche. It was killer fun to loosen up and treat the surface like a canvas- scrunching and scratching thinned paint with a little retarder to get the dirty look we so love about Blanchitsu.

All this early JB miniature reference has really opened up some new doors for me- its okay to be whacky and make things from pure fantasy and whim. I am enjoying the hobby again after a little downturn!
Cheers JB!

Oh, and I also made one of these tonight, its a static grass applicator made from an electric fly swat. It works a treat. Search on youtube for instructions (and safety warnings) and takes twenty minutes to make.
I am going to make a couple of tweaks- a nylon screw cup with a protective ridge to stop any chance of contact.
I made some tufts using weldbond and a metallic sheet. Easy!

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