Friday, July 20, 2012

How to get ahead

Hey folks, just a quickie to show off my latest arrival... One eighth of The Citadel Giant!

I have him here next to a C28 giant head for scale. Solid lead alloy- It is really, really heavy!
I picked him up on a whim from ebay seller DaveT. Cheers Dave!

I was tempted to base a dwarf on his head, but considering there are less than 1000 of these on the planet I cannot bring myself to drill pin holes in him. I think I will paint him and make a fancy display mount for it to rest on- that is, until I gather all the other pieces.

Oh and five boxes of various and sundry fender washers arrived since last post. Nearly bust a gut lugging these from the post office. Very pleased with them- they are super thin and have tiny holes- I could not resist basing up a Bob Olley Ral Partha ghoul and am greatly satisfied. Probably more satisfied with a washer than any man in history now I think about it.

Enjoy the head.


  1. Man he is huge! Great face though....

  2. Hey, found this while perusing for images of this rare fiend. Gorgeous looking.

  3. You could use the head to make a mold and cast a new one to base a Dwarf on.

  4. Hello !!

    I think you could to make molds of this head for resin copies !!