Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spawn ate my post

Phoomph! Or foomp! Or blib!
Gone! My post vanished like Bill the Pony midway through a Rings book (fair call to JRRT- I always forget pack animals and hireling npcs too). Only my post did not suddenly come back after I lost Gandalf. Er... I could try loosing my Gandalf from my 1980's fellowship boxed set but I doubt that posts coming back.
My suspicions turn to the iphone app I have been posting with lately. I am staring at it all squinty eyed like a circus freak in a Tom Waits tale. Hey thats two pop culture references, two similes and only one miniature reference.
On a side note, My favorite quote is...
"Similes. They are like metaphors."

Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, as I cannot remember the content I have a squinty eyed carnies suspicion that it wasnt very interesting and probably deserved its death. I think it did feature this picture though...

This is one of the two early chaos spawn, both of which had boobies. The first spawn ever? Maybe, but I would give a suspicious Waitsian carney squint at the three legged crab mutant from Asgard as a possible first. Answers on a postcard to....
This was the first figure I found that used the 'spawn' moniker (I used a Moniker once- she kept calling me for weeks after).
It is reasonably rare on ebay, but it is rare to find one with its eyestalks intact. This one was broken but cheap, so I decided to adopt it and macguyver it back into shape. Similies... Like metaphors... Get it?
It has been that sort of a hobby month- I restored the first chaos demon,( a kind of insect woman with boobies and claws), by carefully hollowing out the shattered legs, segment by segment and running fine stiff wire through. Worth the effort, as it is technically complete and very rare indeed.

My latest binge on spacefarers arrived this week, getting me closer to my mega retro laserburn project. I was surprised, after my post talking about how rare the loose parts where to win a full set of weapons with an uncontested bid!
Having shaved 20 dollars off the average price of Ral Partha Catleoblepas and rendered worthless the spacefarers bitz, I really should do the collectors community a favor and do an article on how rare the McDeath family is. You know, to get them below 300 bucks. No, before anyone asks I am not bidding on that Sandra Prangle thats up at the moment.


  1. You're in rare form today, good sir.

    If you don't mind, if you are going to tank the values on collectable miniatures, please go ahead and briefly discuss the Great Spined Dragon for me. I've long dreamed of building an homage to Bibby's diorama version that's in Heroes for Wargames, but the going price for that puppy is way outta my league. Hook a brother up.

  2. Yes, someone should send me one and I predict the moment I post the paint job of my pride and joy the prices will fall. I am such a selfless self.
    I have been thinking of using goldfinger economics to irradiate every elf mini that I win in job lots, thus increasing the value of mine. Oh wait a minute....