Sunday, May 20, 2012


I woke up this morning in a sunny mood, wondering which wonders I won on Ebay.
I got slaughtered! Sniped, steam rolled or shilled out into the cold.
Now I could find this depressing, maybe call the wwaaaaambulance but no! No, I take this as a jolly good sign that the euro economy is looking up. Think about it- I am bidding true blue, Vegemite stained, Australian dollars against pounds, dollars, euro and greek i.o.u.s and there are more people who can afford cabbage and still splash out on miscellaneous odds and ends from the early era of citadel minis.
I wonder how those poor wall street traders are holding up? Poor chaps. Makes your heart...
Heres a some miniatures...

Kevin Adams zombies (with help from a base of blue moon zombies) attack citadel militia in a Skulldred showdown. (Preslotta citadel wizard reading his financial times scroll in the backdrop). Unfortunately these chaps get no reinforcements this week.


  1. Lol, this post made me laugh.I read you,its a buyer's market out there.

  2. The worst thing about being sniped is losing everything but the one you didn't want that much. You wouldn't have put a bid on it alone, as with P&P it would be too expensive. Bundled together with all those classic Citadel Ogres... oh...

  3. Oh yeah, I got a shelf full of those postage padders!