Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new year!

Thanks for reading my blog this year- 2012 is promising to be a more relaxed year for me, with a lot of projects wrapping up and general headspace clearing, so plenty of old school mini pictures in 2012z
I wanted to go out this year by showing my last eBay arrivals- a brilliant lot of old school goodness- starting with a visual feast of minifig rococo elves, a citadel TSR dungeons and dragons minotaur, a grenadier hirelings set and a rogue trader era citadel space Zoat!
Old school goodness! Thanks to all my traders who made my collection possible.

Come back in 2012 to see these all lovingly restored and painted!

My wife got me a wonderful Games Workshop weapon smith monkey thing, the red box ad&d and a box of grimey wortshop flagellants which I had fun drunkenly assembling whilst my brother in law, made up some space wombles for his complete set of original chapter marines. Geekmas. I actually found assembling the plastics really restful, and maybe will have a crack at assembling some more mainstream GW stuff in the new year.

Tonight was spent joyously unpacking and filing Reaper minis from my recent wind-fall into keepsies and tradesies.
There are some amazing figures in there- three colossal spiders, two goroliths, three huge dragons too- very few doubles, though if your after Neanderthals, mummies, giant killer frogs and orcs I am your man to trade with! I guess I will post trade pics next year.
Well off to curl up with some apple schnapps and the new Conan movie- (I am merrily set with low expectations and lots of schnapps- yay!)

happy new year!


  1. Happy new year, Dave! Hope 2012 will be chockfull-o'-awesome! As I never got around to get on the playtesting with Skulldred I'm looking forward to see it published!

    Love seeing "recent acquisitions" posts with shots of neatly lined up figs. I did one like that recently on with a pic of recently stripped figs. Hope to see you doing a faithful reproduction of "that" Blanche minotaur. ;)

  2. Happy new year Phreedh!

    Lovely layout of strippage there... I just got me two of those citadel giants too- Marcus Grimmock from McDeath and the eyepatch giant from Aly Morrisons first Eavy Metal Article. Missing weapons, so if anyone has any spares shout out!

    Blanche Minotaur? Ahh, you got me... I have been collecting broken AD&D minotaurs for a while now (This one however has the variant head I didnt have so is destinted for my regular AD&D collection). That reminds me... must buy brown spray can...

    I am just three figures away from a complete McDeath... only, they are the three most expensive and rare figures- Lady and Laird McDeath and Sandra Prangle. Oh well. Cross fingers.

  3. Best part with my giant is that it's actually a relic from my childhood. =) My cousin and I bought a bunch of Fighting Fantasy plastics in a toyshop when they were released. I got this from him a little while ago.

    Congrats on the McD! I'm almost there with Orc's Drift but have a few townies to go, as well as they mayor. Ofcourse I don't have Osrim, but I don't plan on getting it either. Got a Hagar though! Haven't started on any of the other scenario packs. I'm real focused, like!

  4. Focused? Sounds it!

    I dont know about you, but based on expense- I figure I will stop collecting scenario sets once I have the McDeath set- unless some terror of the lichemaster fall into my mits by accident.