Saturday, December 10, 2011


Have you ever wandered around a game store and thought, dammit, I wish I had all of these miniatures.  And have you ever, after several visits, looked at the same old stock and thought- you know what, I picked up this figure last time and the time before... I bet one day I will get over that little mental hump that stops me buying it.  Yes, some deep part of you says... you know your mine, and I know your mine... soon...  soon....
I don't know how many hours I killed in the city bending over the Reaper shelves of my game store, mulling over the figures.  I developed calves squatting down to root through the blister packs- probably the only think saving me from deep vein thrombosis was my love of miniatures.  You know, deep down I knew I would have to pretty much own them all if I ever was to be happy.  Such is lead addiction, as you all know.  Is it a curse?  Is lead addiction a cause without hope?

Turns out, Nope.

A weird thing just happened to me in the last half an hour that I though blog worthy.  A client who owed me some money from a long time ago paid up inexplicably.  Ten minutes later whilst nosing through the huge backlog of emails I found an email warning me of an liquidation auction.  I checked, and it was closing in ten minutes.  Ten minutes later I was the proud owner of almost the entire liquidated stock of Reaper Dark Heaven and Pathfinder miniatures from my now defunct local game store.  The total cost?  The exact amount paid by my client.  Spooky.

It just occured to me that a lead addicts dream has come true...  I quite literally am the owner of all those figures.  Mine.  The lot.  Bargain price.  Ridiculous price.  It's like... like... Christmas has come all at... oh, wait.... Oh wait.

Crap.  I also just realised that totally throws out my purchase:painted pledge ratio for the... millenium.

Stiff drink needed.

Life is really, really weird.


  1. I´m Michael and I´m lead addicted.

    Once a year I feel the itch for a lead fix and strangly I end up buying an oop Citadel army several weeks later. Unwrapping 100+ old minis is priceless...

    Ny the way what does your wife says about your impulse buy? ;)

  2. Congratulations! How cool is that?!! B-)

  3. Pictures Dave... pictures!

    And now start painting, please.

  4. I pick them up next week- I will get a photo of me buried in blister packs, then after picking out a few choice minis to paint, cart the lot off to my lock up probably to not be seen for a bit whilst I finish wading through my backlog!

  5. A fantasy come true, I rejoice simply to hear this story!