Friday, September 9, 2011

Medium bliss

It work Folks! Adding talc and flow aid to Liquitex matte medium makes a killer medium that pales Vallejo by comparison. Flat and matte, flowing smoothly from the brush and leveling with a soft edge. A huge vat of it- perhaps all I can eat for a year for under twenty bucks.

This deserves a funky thumbs up.

Whilst I have my hipstamatic app open I took a shot of this...

My armory catalogue I have been checking figure off from for the past few months. Its a cruel master that forces me to look at ebay and spend my pocket money.
A heap of Fiend factory, space farer and fantasy adventurers await stripping and checking off... I have most of them now if I include broken ones.
I think the ones I am most excited about are doing up all the Space Farers ready for an old school Stardred game- I made up some digital floorplans last year for a starship rpg I ran and cannot wait to have the red redemption running about shooting lasers at eat other in them!
However I am Painfully aware of my project vows. Skulldred baggage raid first- kill team Charlie second- 15mm post apoc team after that...
Then weighing up night horrors /citadel gothic horror Cthulu temple, Judge Dredd/paranoia block war, FF /FA old school dungeon, Fantasy town, macdeath skirmish or Frazetta death dealer barbarians.

Any votes?

If anyone has a FF manticore wing set (the one that looks like a hood ornament) I would love to get them for the forlorn manti that appeared in a job lot this week- otherwise it's reaper wings for this fine fellow, and only half a crossing off from the list. Or perhaps he becomes a mount for a broken goblin.

Oh I almost forgot to post this- a first glimpse of my new mdf board mounted gaming table panels for the Skulldred baggage train raid. Now I can pick up my games, figures, dice and all when I need the table to do boring stuff like eat.

Nothing special yet, but the first board I have made yet. This is a photo of the look development corner.
I am trying a different approach with it from the usual instructions. It is entirely designed to not scratch figures!
If you think about it, gluing down sand is like making a huge sheet of sandpaper. Not good.
I am trying all soft options- the soil for example is made from used dried tea leaves, pva and acrylic paint. Its spongey to the touch, looks just like muddy soil and detritus and smells nice. Drinking 2 cups of tea covers an area the size of my hand.
Good thing I am English. Somewhere the teas getting cold... Literally. ;)

Cork for stones, foamcore for paving and woodflex for rocky structures. My only mistake was choosing citadel flock- now I have to fork out top dollar to match it. Anyone know a cheaper option for glade grass that's the same or close?

Ciao for now!


  1. Ha - nice tip on the tea - looks great too. I cheat by using a gaming mat but maybe one day I'll build some kind of modular setup...

    My vote - unsurprisingly - goes for the MacDeath skirmish.

    Frazetta style barbarians would be cool too though!

  2. MacDeath skirmish??!! You two seen how much those minis go for these days??!! Either you have those minis already, Dave (in which case- why the hell haven't you featured them here), or you're looking at dropping a few hundred bucks to get the main protagonists. I'd love to see some King-takes on buildings; so my vote would have to be for the Fantasy Town, but ONLY AFTER SOME KILL TEAM CHARLIE UPDATES! :) Can't wait to try the Liquitex trick- thanks!

  3. I priced up the remaining figures I need for a full set to be 1600 pounds.
    Brooban Keyler was up this week, he went for 31- Sandra Prangle, mr and mrs death both come in at around 300 pounds each.
    The Caledonians average 70 pounds- as does the Dragon Turtle. Ewan Mcwrecker fluctuates from a few bucks up to 40. Everything else is pretty cheap to get.

    I will fill the gaps with conversions until I get rich or lucky.