Monday, September 12, 2011

Matakishi cat, Runestaff Flana and my shelf of technicolor lead things

Great.  Insomnia again.  Fortunately I just found a whole list of Sulphite free food alternatives that I can try.  Did you know you can make your own Baileys at home?  Yay!  Sulphite free booze for me!

So my lovely wife took some photos of some of my collection yesterday, and I thought I would post up some pics since I have a few hours for my antihistamine to kick the butt of whatever is keeping me up and itchy.

First off, since the good doctor asked... is my conversion of Mike Broadbent's Matakishi cat for my wifes Skulldred warband.

  Converted Matakishi cat- available from Matakishi's tea house..

The 'mostly painted' shelf- Citadel, Eureka, Ral Partha and BeDerken figures in da house!

The 'mostly painted' shelf.  My sculpt of Flana Mikosevar for Eureka front and centre.

WIP of my Jes Goodwin's Nurgle Champion- shield sculpted by me.

So as you can see I nudged along my Nurgle warband a little by adding a shield.  This is scratch built using a 50:50 greenstuff/brownstuff mix.  Its also painted using the talc medium I spoke of in an earlier post- matte as matte can be.  I just got the teeth picked out in white- I will glaze those suckers down when I have the chance.
Its gotten me into the vibe of sculpting some 1980's style shields for my figure range.

Well I am actually yawning now.  Good night, leadaholics, and sweetly painted dreams...


  1. Hooray! Dave is back to posting pictures of his minis! Time to celebrate! All kidding aside, Dave, it is great to see your stuff again after an (albeit) short hiatus- everything looks great, as usual. The Flana sculpt is stunning and immediately makes me think of that great scene in "Eyes Wide Shut" where Tom Cruise discovers that he is in WAY over his head- great job. In the same way that Kubrick was able to make me feel scared and creepy with an environment that really shouldn't be, you've done the same thing here. She is beautiful, but she scares the pants off me. and not in the good way. . . nice! Can't wait to see more!

  2. Your shelf looks awesome! Love the perspex raisers at the back, I'll have to do something similar in mine.

    We need to catch up at some point too! Did you hear the Perry brothers are coming to Sydney for Games Day? We need to try and get them to visit MOAB.