Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lipped bases for sale?

I have had a couple of folk ask if I intend to sell my deep dish lipped bases.
Thats a thought, though they would have to be top quality- something my home resin kit isnt really set up for.

So, since the idea has been mooted  I am looking into professional resin casters in Australia to see if someone can vacuum cast them for me.  I am also getting some prototype digital printed masters done with a few extra features that could be integrated into the base for extra handiness.  I dont sell tat.  :)

If you would be interested in such a base system, with reversable base cappers (in metal), deep cappers (in resin) and seperate lips that can take a regular 25mm round base, either temporarily or be glued in- drop me a line or comment below.  If enough people are keen, I will add them to The BeDerken line.

It would be uber cool to get the base made in black plastic- but none of the companies I have spoken to are willing to take the punt.  Shame really.  Resin it is.


  1. I'd definitely be interested in ordering some of your lipped bases with sculpted inserts. . .the Kill Team Charlie versions are fantastic!