Sunday, June 19, 2011

F'Nurgle old tat

Since I have not had a chance to post some finished work in a while, what with being far too busy with sculpting work, I thought some old tat would suffice.  Here are a couple of old photos I took of some paint jobbies I did on my brother in laws Nurgle army a while ago.  Yep, my bro' is a big 40k mythos fan- though he never plays the game itself.  He buys me figures in exchange for painting and assembling his.
Now he gave me a chirurgeon back pack to add to another figure, but when I tried it on the early 1990's Plague Marine, it was love at first sight.  He looks made for it, and so fiendish I have to make myself one first chance I get.

Forge world aero bars and my fave plague marine conversion

I call them Aero bars because they are full of bubbles.  Note the dude with the speakers gun arm and wire pipes- practically all that had to be rebuilt from scratch after breakage from under the surface bubbles.  The pipes where virtually non existent to begin with.  Really a shame, because these two are some of the coolest looking minis GW produce.  Hopefully once all the issues with finecast is ironed out, they may transition over to the main range.

Two more early marines.
Damned grenade!
WIP of one of Ed's, modern Legion of the Damned
I like these minis.  One of the better releases of modern times.

I actually painted my original plastic marines as legion of the damned back in the 1980s- I think its a bit of a shame how the mythos has changed them to a pop in special unit.  Never mind, not like I am playing the game any time soon.
I do have some placcy marines laying around that one day I may paint up.  I think probably original mentor legion- back when they had the owl logo.  Then again, maybe I will go get a life instead.


  1. Very, very beautifully painted Papa Nurgle's followers! I especially like the blue glowing eyes, nice touch indeed.

  2. You've got that 'dirty' painting style that suits Nurgle so well. Excellent stuff and not a lipped base in sight...

  3. Those first three miniatures at the top in particular look like they jumped straight out of a John Blanche Realm of Chaos-era painting onto your table- really great work indeed.