Monday, February 22, 2016

Undead warband

An undead warband for under $50?  Yoink.

I won't be painting these guys up for a while, as I will be visiting Sydney to appear on the CGSpectrum booth at GX Australia to do some live digital sculpting demonstrations.

I am rather stressed right now thanks to having to go to court over my horrible encounter with transphobic police, so a little retail therapy was in order.

I am not sure if I will do square bases on all of these.  I am not sure of anything lately.  Feeling uncertain about the future.



  1. Nice selection. Still I think you could get then for less!!!

  2. Hexes, hexes are all the rage, you know they're right.
    Take this brotherly hug and rely on those few things in life that have a good level of certainty ;), future is for the people of the future, we're people of present times.

  3. I've had the feeling of uncertainty about everything before. I can't say what will work for you to shake that, but I can say for me.

    I've focussed in on little things I enjoy, that don't take much effort - getting as much 'bang for buck' in getting positive stuff done. That can just as easily be tidying an untidy room as painting a miniature, or writing a blog to a regular schedule. Take foundation, build from it. Review things I'm doing that aren't giving me what I'm getting out of them. Cut back on the things that aren't being enjoyed, even if only temporarily. Focus in on the positive things. Repeat.

    The Proper Future is definitely uncertain. So don't worry about that. Worry about the basics.

    Uncertain about life and career? Take the next couple of steps to stability so you've got a better platform for when you do make a decision. Do what you love and the rest of it will kind of sort itself out eventually.

    Uncertain what games you're wanting to play? Pick some quick, easy skirmish games that you can play with a couple of folk and won't take many models.

    Hope this is helpful and not lecturing and that sort of stuff.

  4. Hang in there.

    I know, in my country at least, court proceedings can be really tough on members of marginalized or oppressed groups...and I know that advice or even attempts at encouragement from people who don't have that experience, or who don't understand the pressures of systemic oppression, tend to come across as meaningless or, worse, fundamentally dismissive.

    I guess what I'm trying to say—without it coming across as totally banal compared to what you have to deal with—is that there are a lot of people who believe in you and support you, even if they (like me) can't fully comprehend what it's like.

    I really hope that helps.

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