Sunday, November 8, 2015

Melbourne. I am in you.

I am alive and well and living in Melbourne.  Nice place you have here.  According to the Maslow hierarchy of needs I need...

1) A geek/queer friendly house
2) A geek/queer friendly girlfriend.  Or several.
3) A chicken parmigiana with a side of poutine.
4) Somewhere to ship up all my miniatures and paints (and furniture and other less important stuff).
5) To not be severely allergic to poutine.
6) More miniatures.  Naturally.

The universe is providing.  Good little universe.  I have a cute date tonight in a place that sells parmigiana.  You would think that a 39 year old polyamorous transgender lesbian who makes her living making monsters for video games and collects miniatures obsessively wouldn't get dates.  But actually I would say I am far, far more successful now than when I was pissing around with living as a straight male.  Go figure.  Now, I am not saying that it is a great strategy for you if you happen to be a white, straight male who desperately wants a date, but it has worked for me nonetheless.

This is a weird, weird world.

I also have visited and firmly approve of Melbourne's Mind Games store, where I spent what little spare cash I had on a single Reaper Assassin as a little reminder that I am now an solo female adventurer, and that if I stop eating poutine and parmigiana and get my ass to yoga that I can have legs like Bobby Jackson sculpted them.  She has my haircut too.

02643: Diedra Dark Willow
Bobby Jackson

So PAX wasn't the great experience I hoped, mainly because I was exhausted from packing for a week, mentally strung out from the whole ordeal and broke.  With trade shows, you bring with you a certain energy that is magnified by the place.  In my case it was not the great, cathartic experience I had hoped for.  A big hi to Turelio and the folks at the Reaper stall.

I did get to meet all my games friends, who are now quickly forming into a dangerous drinking posse.  This is good news for my creativity and happiness.  Not so crash hot for my liver.

Hopefully next year will be a bit more grounded for me, and I will have had the opportunity to bring Darkling games back to life and have a test game running at PAX.  Limbo is nice and all, but I wouldn't wanna live here.

How the flying fucklesticks is everyone else here going?


  1. I have a mixed bag, possible job, but was hit by a car on the motorbike, all fine as far as health goes (just bruises and road rash), but need a new bike.

    I'm glad to hear that things are smoothing out for you. Although being away from the collection is not something I would relish. Melbourne has so much fantastic food, chicken parmigiana... Go eat some jellyfish, it's crunchy... strangely crunchy.

  2. Hi, I've also just moved to Melbourne - but I guess my transition was far easier. I am living in the West but playing in the East - at Nunawading Wargames.
    Good Luck, Michael

  3. Good to hear things are working out!

  4. Best wishes, keep your head up

  5. Went on a date with the wife to watch Spectre last night, we ate mexican streetfood and reminisced about Distrito Federal whilst watching Daniel Craig blow bits of it up. Good stuff. Both little Zhus want lightsabers for christmas, so papa is geek proud. The gang are still arguing about when where why to watch the new SW movie and maybe get some gaming in.The lead pile doesn't seem to be getting any smaller. All is good!

    Glad to hear things are picking up in your neck of the woods, and yes the world is very weird.

  6. Glad to hear you're doing fine! I'm super busy with commissions, just got home from DnD and have had to many ciders.

  7. Been a bit a weird one for me too, now have a transgender daughter with a girlfriend (so you are actually onto something there re the dating and all that), had prostate cancer removed at great expense financially but at least they now give me a few more decades to live. But more interestingly introducing miniature games to the kids at school (xwing and open combat) to hopefully regrow the local club as the kids keep growing up and leaving us oldies to game alone.