Friday, June 19, 2015

Ass Cannon

Well people, I spent the night sculpting a Chaos Demonic Ass Cannon.

I figure if my computers are down, at least I can kickstart some capital by catching up on my Oldhammer miniatures.

The length of the model is three inches along the wooden base (top right).  I had to guess based on the bases of the crew pictured along side it.  Still, that is a satisfyingly heavy chunk of lead to mail. I don't have the set up for quality resin at the moment.  Plus resin is often poo poo.

My version has seperate heads, allowing you to field several cannons with different looks and poses.  The two corks show the cores for two of the heads.  The barrel core is also shown- the cannon will be wider than this after the greenstuff is layered on.

My verson has more details and sharper sculpting than the inspiration.  The neck will have a collar so the head ball sockets into.  I may add some chains and other details.

Following this is Dwerg Cenboars, a metal Jugganaut kit and finally masher / dicer machines.

If this helps get me in the black, Dwerg crossbows/guns and McNastybeestie heroes and highlanders /sassanorks.


  1. And now I'm crying, happy girl ?
    Multiple heads, cenboars, juggernaught, how happy I am... All hail you !

  2. Yep thats good news indeed, looks like Asslessman just found his new ass.. and it''s a cannon too!

  3. AW SNAP!!! Can't wait to give you money!!!

  4. Thanks all.
    I am gonna try to make the barrel in two hollow halves now, this will reduce weight a hugeamount and allow a deep hole.

    Mmmm. Deep hole.

  5. Heh. After this casting comes back, I am tempted to do a futuristic version :)

  6. The crew will also come in a couple of swappable parts- probably all bodys in one peice with a head sprue... so you can vary your crew.

  7. you sure know how to please us !

  8. Nothing more humiliating then being bombarded by hot lead poo bombs :D

    Looks great!!!

  9. Totally looking forward to this!

  10. Amazing work. And now I know why Asslessman is so named too.