Friday, April 17, 2015

Goblins with thankful hafts

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the emails and facebook messages showing support for my decision to be openly trans, intersex, lesbian and completely unable to settle on a basing standard.  Plus all the lovely baby congrats!

There are just too many and some are quite long and heartfelt, and deserve more than a 'ta very much luv'.  I hope to get back to everyone eventually.

Your support is really important to me!

So last night was my first night with some hobby time in aeons.  Actual, literal aeons.*  Strange aeons, at that.

[*Oh stop it, your thinking in linear time and space, mere mortal. ]

My focus at the moment is cleaning up and storing so I can get dust and sand free to finish my commissioned mini sculpts.  One day I will have a separate clean desk and a dirty desk.  Mmm.  dirty desk.

To that end, I just rebased my Fiend Factory goblins from 30mm ply down to 1" round bases ready for some old school dungeon bashing fun.

Fuckity fuck, these little fuckers are fuckers.

The spear shafts snap easily, are thin (not DnD collectors series thin though- still grrr) and seemingly hard to fix.

To solve the problem, I sliced mine off an hand and haft (great pub name) and rebuilt the naganata by threading thin wire through metal pipe from a railway hobby store.  I could not find any flexible plasticard or nylon tubes- which are better because they will bend back rather than snap.  Broom bristles make awesome pikes that won't spear you through your hand.

I am tossing up whether to headswap and augment them to make a little variation, but not sure yet.  I am not overly fond of these minis.

Now that the whole team is on 25mm rounds rather than 30mm ply, they fit in a small tray and fit neatly into my overflowing FF box.  A few more sessions like this and I may be able to move.

Paint jobs soon!


  1. Much (moral) support from here - good on you and I hope you are happy and doing well now :)


  2. I've just found your blog and read, with some dismay, your post about Frothers. As a regular there I am very disheartened that you have been negatively affected by that thread. I've publicly stated my concerns about that thread and your reaction simply confirms that those concerns were warranted. Also, I salute you on being open about yourself, that takes a hell of a lot of courage and I admire that. It also takes a lot of courage to work on those Fiend Factory figures!

    On a happier note, many congratulations on the birth of your son and all the best to you and your partner for the future. As a father of three I will give one bit of advice. Just remember that little kids have little problems, big kids have big problems! I speak from hard won experience.