Saturday, October 5, 2013

Realm of Chaos made me do it

See?  This is what happens when I am left alone with broken minis.  A frikkin realm of chaos spawn made from three classic eighties figures- the zoat, coatl and that cornerstone of so many chaos conversjons of its time- the giant scorpion.  Remember Pete Tailors elephant headed spawn with... giant scorpion arms... or his yellow winged spawn made from the orc war wyvvvvvvern, umberhulk and... giant scorpion arms.  In fact I rarely saw a whole one.
For this one I had the spawn from white dwarf shown here in mind...  the coatl wings especially reminded me of this twisted minotaur.

For this conversation I blended procreate with small amounts of fimo to make a slow drying detailing putty that blends and feathers easily.  The fimo slows the cure and reduces the memory quality- which is what makes blobs of green stuff so dammed hard to feather together... perfect!  I use bright pink fimo so it stands out from the grey understructure.  Super sculpey works too.  Its softer cured so dont use for support structures especially if you plan to Vulcanise it.

Anyway, this zoaty spawn was a great little break between cure times for Oladahn from Hawkmoon and a fiddly boar warrior who does not like the sword I have given him.  We shall see who wins in due course.

This spawn will no doubt sit unpainted for a while till I have some brain cells back enough to concentrate on it.  The rest of my hobby time will no doubt be more unexciting basing and priming of my backlog.  Last night saw another twenty minis get grounded- but alas I am still not done basing just the minis I bought at cancon and moab over the last few years.   It's in my mind to have these done before the next one so I can purchase more :)

Sleep well you Slaved to Darkness...

My chaos spawn.  Citadel zoat, Coatl wings, Giant Scorpion claws.  Scratch built tail.  Base by warbases.  Dirt by bondi beach.  Hair by Julien.  Egad by jove!

Remember these?  Mike mcvey pj judging by base.


  1. Really nice blending on the tail - I'm guessing when painted it will be impossible to work out where the join is. I'd like to see a bit less zoat in the overall look - perhaps some change in the head area (horns, crest, eyes on stalks or something)...but that's just my opinion of course - it's a great looking conversion as it stands.

  2. Needs a new head, otherwise spectacular!