Friday, August 9, 2013

Thanks all

Well Canberra is bloody cold, but I am pleased to spend some time with my family.   My nephew is assembling a formidable necron force and I am sitting sculpting Hawkmoon figures next to him.  Nice to both have the same hobby. He is no slouch with a paint brush either!   I am very proud of him.  He is probably sick of my tutorials by now.   I do have a lot to say about minis... a looooooot.

Besides I have to beat the fanboy out of him before gw milk him any more.   He buys GW hobby sand and shite cast clean up brush fur christ sakes.  Summit has ta be dunn 'bout dat.

A big thank-you for your comments and links- cheered me up no end.  I am coping well. I sculpted a pig faced orc for myself to cheer me up in between HM figs.

I am off to the hobby store in civic to grab a little retail therapy tomorrow- not sure what.  I am certain I do not have enough miniatures. That's lead addiction for you.

Please post comments about kickstarter thoughts a couple of pages back!


  1. "He buys GW hobby sand and shite cast clean up brush fur christ sakes."
    Pass him a solid smack in the face straight from Poland... ;)

    - Demi -

  2. Pig faced orc sculpt? Pics or it didn't happen... ;-)