Monday, February 18, 2013

Reward yourself with Hoff break

Before I explain Hoff break- I can happily confirm Aussie Import Cheaper than cheap ass matt enamel spray beat my expensive GW can, after I blazed through my collection in a primer frenzy.  It does clog though, so you have to wipe the nozzle with a rag every ten minutes, but boy you can prime a LOOOOT of minis for a few bucks.  I switched back to matt black and the results are just dogs danglies.

Its a truely flat black- feels like a chalkboard- not satin as I expected.  It worked a treat on the cheap as chips chaos cultists I bagged at CANCON so that ticks plastic off, a forgeworld psyker, do thats resin checked and metal... well, it does bukkit loads of that too.
As I went back over the figures I primed skull white I can definately say it has mileage, as my can is still going some fifty figures on where the GW can gave up.  Excellent!

Anyway, back to the HOFF break thing...

I have been dividing up my time methodically this month, trying to find that happy work/life/business/hobby balance, and I realised I was not actually having very much fun in the latter.
This struck me as a little strange- I am after all, neck deep in lead n paint.  I should be happy as a pig faced orc in a M.U.D.

I realised it was because I was in factory mode.  Hobby WAS work.  My great escape from the pressures of life is to kick back and make something dull and grey come to life.
What I have been doing is rinse and repeat tasks which, though burning through my assigned to do list, is hardly an escape.
Even my current lifetime dream project 'undead assault' was calling for wave after wave of brown clad undead in a little factory line.  A change is needed...

Now I have to say, I am definately winning the war on lead-valanche... (that moment when you scream "I have too many minis!"-) having rebased, magnetised, polished, repaired, primed, textured, glued, undershaded and glazed my way through hundreds of figures since I last posted a shot of all my trays... but for all this progress I am not getting any 'runs on the board'- finished minis to proudly drool over for my self.

I decided to take a break and dust off something really FUN to do.  A 'Dust off' day... which my wife heard as Da Hoff day.  Like I don't already celebrate that...  geesh.

Now what shall I enjoy painting?  Hmmmm.... rummage... rummage...

Aha!  Perfect...

A confrontation Dirz Hybrid monstrosity.  Big, kick ass and intimidating as the Rackham PJ was so daaaamn good.  What else?
A Kev Adams beastman...  Spaced Out Druid... that boobs out Asgard female adventurer sitting on my shelf and.. ooh, a sample chaos cultist from my new army.  Right, that little lot should cheer me up next hobby session.

Do you need a Hoff break?  You do look a little sunken...  go on, dust off something really out there to paint!

Post your selection in the comments below if your joining me!


  1. So a 'Hoff break' doesn't involve taking a week off work and watching series 1-4 of Knight Rider in one trance-inducing, back-to-back sesh? I'm kinda disappointed...

  2. No, no.. thats HOFF WEEK... jeesh, I bet you dont even observe talk like a pirate day or michael bay effigy burning day do you?