Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Monster Paint Set and a New Coat D'arms paint stockist

Hey folks,

Sorry in advance, but I will be getting a little bit commercial for this episode.  Hopefully by the time you finish reading this entry you will forgive me, as it is totally about rocking the retro.
 First I am just going to whip out something that came in the mail from the land of Ebay a couple of weeks ago.

Citadel Monster Paint Set
 Ahh. That's right folks, it's the Monster Paint Set from the 1980's.  Check out that lovely painting by Bob Naismith on the cover!  Thats what the Golden Demon looked like in the 80s, by the way... before he got all crusty and angry.  I remember that fateful day when I discovered a department store in Southend stocked miniatures.  I walked away with a snotling pump wagon (never assembled), spikey bondage minotaur lord, chaos sorcerers, a giant scorpion, the monster starter set, creature and monster paint sets.  That night I dunked my snotlings in a thick layer of green paint.  It had begun!

Mmmm... Still fresh!

I was surprised to find the paints where still in great shape; though unfortunately not the original colors that are supposed to be in the box, but I knew that when I bid.  I was more concerned about getting the box to be honest and perhaps having a sniff of the paints!    It holds great nostalgia for me.  What a great day that was back in the 80's!

Okay, now the commercial bit.

Remember I was ranting about the orange when I painted the Chaos Sorcerer?  The next picture shows an original 1980s citadel pot next to the modern Coat D'arms paint.  See?  How awesome is that?

Citadel original Orange next to Modern Coat D'arms orange

So that brings me to my big news...

There is a new stockist in Australia for Coat D'arms paints!


That's right.  I love the paints so much I decided to import them.

In a couple of weeks you will be able to get your hands on the entire Coat D'arms Fantasy Range direct from my new sleek, sexy, easy to use e-commerce site.  Retroliciousness in a few clicks!
Yep, all 77 clasic colors in those fat, perky little 18ml pots.  You can forget the dark days paying 8 Australian Dollars for a measley 12ml.

I will also be stocking decent, sturdy empty dropper bottles for those of you who, like me, prefer squirting to dunking.  Switching your entire collection of paints over to droppers will be really affordable now.  I am excited.  You excited?

Anyway, here is more paint pron.

Mmmm.  Paint.
Okay, commercial over.  And hey, I vaguely promise to not drag on and on about these paints in future articles.  Heres the gist.  They rock.

So next episode I will be back to showing off more retro stuff.  Painting the Skulldred contributor minis has taken up a lot of my painting time allotment but rest assured, there is old lead begging to be painted and blogged.

Anyhoo... Goodnight children, whatever you are.

(Coat D'Arms rocks.)


  1. I felt your consternation come through on mentioning one supplier in Australia after Cancon. I was actually contemplating ordering from them today after working on a miniature using my Citadel paints from 20yrs ago this afternoon.

    Think I may wait a couple of weeks ;)

    Thanks for your help in my producer hunting today.

  2. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing the monster paint set, totally forgot this thing existed. Fond memories of me and my dad putting together a rogue trader predator tank and painting it with these paints, I think it ended up being mithril silver with black stripes that's some serious camo right there.
    On an unrelated note hurry up and finish the next wave of Bederken mini's as it's my Birthday soon ;)

  3. @ Tael: 20 yrs old and still lovely! Thank god for non-biodegradeable plastics.

    @ Headnhalf... Okay, Okay, really, really soon- I promise! If you know anyone who would swap minis for setting up wordpress sites, point them my way and I will hit that putty.

  4. Aaah the Monster paint set - my first set of paints I ever bought was actually the Creature paint set. My fond memories are of slavering them all over my Heroquest minis - still got some of the original paint jobs knocking round somewhere - highlights would include the Chaos Sorcerer sporting a rather natty worm purple robe - with flame effect! Mind you I was pretty chuffed with my rotting flech and worm purple zombies.

    Good luck with the Coat D'Arms venture!

  5. Aye - 'spose I'd best before I repaint it all for my son's 10th birthday (he's 4 this summmer so I'd best get a move on!)

  6. Awesome! I actually have that box kicking around still too... and still use the paints it contained! amazing really! Smooth, easy applications, dries fast! love them! And congrats on the desk! great that you have a comfy play to do your work! Now finish up those Bederken!

  7. Hi Delaney do you still stock these. Fingers crossed :-)