Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Bigger they come...

I love the citadel giant.  Its one of the best miniatures of all time, and a delightful model kit.  Yes.  Thats me... talking about a modern citadel product in good terms.

No, I am feeling quite well.

I also happen to think Jes Goodwin is hitting balls out of the park with his new look Cennobite/ Green goblin inspired Dark Eldaer... the most Rogue Trader looking things ever.  Shame they are "finecast" aerobars.

On my unassembled modern model pile is a set of aquatic trolls, Dark Eldar Wyches (what a kit!) and a plague cart.  I am soooo tempted to grab some more giant kits.  Love, love, love.

Citadel Giant and classic Elric (Jes Goodwin)
 Anyway, the problem with giants, as so finely demonstrated by all the undercoated but not painted giants at Cancon and MOAB, is that they scare the crap out of you.  How do you even begin to paint something that big?  That much detail?
My giant was assembled on my birthday, hours after I unwrapped it (bless my wife, having to go into a games workshop store and beat away the frothers and gawping depressed tweens ("look, a girl... in a game store... WHAT DO WE DO????").  Anyway, that giant, so hurriedly and lovingly assembled sat on my shelf ever since... grey and plastic and daunting.

Kaylee and Svala from Hasslefree (Kev White),
Jes Goodwin Elric, Chaos Champion.
Bob Naismith Chaos Champion conversion with head from modern Chaos Sorcerer
The trick to painting your giant is to pick up a brush and put some paint on it.  Before you know it, a few hours have passed and your done.  Ignore White Dwarf... their tutorials always focus on perfecting and shading each part before moving onto the next... great for teaching- but not for marathon paint jobs, psychologically and practically.  In the old days, the trick was to finish all your base colours first, then shade, then highlight.  That way, your figure feels like its progressing, and if you accidentally slip when slapping on the base colors, you don't wreck a nicely finished section.

I would go further and say before detailing, whack on some varnish... that gives you a few seconds to wipe off mistakes.  Plus, as the pictures in this blog attests, you can game with partially shaded models.  Most of the figures in these photos are just colour glazed over a grey undercoat thats been drybrushed white and hit with badab black.  Passable gaming in minutes!  Sure, I then go over the top with more subtle glazes and highlights, often repainting whole areas... but its super thin, so no build up of paint.

Anyway, got the giant to a gaming standard... which means I have to fix up a lot of details, but pretty happy with the fact I got through him.  It actually did not take much longer than doing a regular mini... you just need a bigger brush!
Now, I have that Tom Meier Forgotton realms beastie to tackle next on my 'big things that hang around my shelves for aaaaaaagggggeeesss.'  Remember Dave, just pick up the brush and start....

Skulldred mayhem!
Another Bob Naismith Chaos warrior needing to reload
Grom from Groms goblins guards in backdrop, about to be lynched by
a Perry Bros female chaos warrior
Citadel Fantasy Specials Dead Adventurer in foreground


  1. It is indeed a nice giant, I like its floppy gut and general "old man" look. I've got enough giatns though, a while back I got one of each of the (smaller) Metal Magic giants from Splintered Light Minis. Also, this weekend my cousin gave me his old Fighting Fantasy ogre - will work perfectly as a large giant.

  2. I don't play the 40K, but after seeing the cenobites, I hope Goodwin gets on the next waves of Dark Elves for WFB!

  3. Dark elves had had a bad design run for years- from finicky, hard to shade and color armor and expressionless, personality free faces through the hellish dandelion haired, weightless posed Marauder years. Throw a virtual rock on eBay and your guaranteed to hit someone selling off their dark elves.

    Dark Eldar too started badly- firmly based in Jabbas palace, they lacked definition from the Eldar themselves. But now... Wow, the single army stealing back into a wider universe of aliens and unique planets.

    The first mistake GW made with 40k, in my mind is the the moment they started excluding. Only space marines get black carapace and may wear power armor. Only men. Only humans. Alien allies are out. Mutants are out. Mercenary marines are out. Personalities in marines are out. Can't this, can't that, never this, never that. Slice, slice, slice.
    The richness of an infinite universe trimmed down to a rigid, lifeless list of options. The art of Blanche speaks otherwise...

    With the dark Eldar we see four armed reptiles, strange ghouls, beasts from a thousand worlds.... Surely we will see Zoats or Ambulls striding along side them. Variety! Science fiction!

    In short- rogue trader era 40k!

  4. @Phreed: The only problem with the citadel giant is it makes all retro giant figures look odd!