Friday, August 27, 2010

Polish my knob(blar)

Actually its a lizardman, but I love a pun.

Blu-tac to the rescue
Here is a wonderful old Lizardman model I picked up from Ebay.  Blackened with age, its ideal to show off just how good blu-tac is for cleaning tarnish.  I set aside a chunk of tac that I only use for cleaning minis- because you dont want this crap on your wallpaper.  Its not effortless, but the results are great.


  1. Ha ha, I use this technique as well. Works fine where some products can't reach.

  2. I'd never heard of using blue tack to clean up after stripping. That's a great tip, thanks!

  3. Awesome hint cheers no more tooth picks for me after striping paint

  4. That lizardman miniature was the first painted miniature i ever bought and would be close to one of the first miniatures i ever bought. I rode twenty km's (round trip) with my brother to go to the shop that had them. Happy days.