Saturday, May 8, 2010


So I recently got invited into an D&D campaign for like the first time in decades, and casting around for a mini to play with I settled on a slight conversion of a 1980s Citadel AD&D female theif model.  Hard to find, but rather than damaging the figure I settled on adding layers of greenstuff over the existing model, giving me the freedom to clean it all off once I am done.  More augmenting than converting.
Anyway, for her I used a classic milliput stone finished surface on a round base, and I have to say its far more practical for gaming than my beloved Hex bases with sand.  The dilemma is that now I have a huge collection styled in exactly the same way, do I go a different direction for part of the collection to give a consistent look?  A quandry.

Love to hear your opinions.  Vote below.

Yay- keep rocking the HEX.
Nay- mix it up.

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  1. Nay
    Is better to have a mixed direction. You are not creating an army but a personal collection with a great difference between sci-fi, fantasy, terror, etc.
    But, you know, is your taste and decision.