Saturday, January 31, 2015

Warduke, imp and more

Kicking off with a work in progress... a night horror imp.  Naturally I had to paint it to the scheme used in the Chalice of Doom diorama.  The space on the base will be ceremonial candles and a plastic skeleton rising.

Giz a kiss

Wip of back.  Wings not done.

Chibi Warduke.  Needs matte varnish to kill the ink glaze shine.  I modified it slightly to be closer to the original- shaving off chainmail and the third skullspike.  The colors are from the back painting from the Warduke toy blister... Which I happen to have on my desk.  Because I love Warduke.  Yes, I do.

WARDUKE FTW (Impact miniatures)

And two trays full of shame pushed forward more.

So all my balrogs, trolls and ogres are repaired, assembled, based and primed.

The shame is slowly abating.


  1. Really love the imp colourscheme! Its one of the many citadel sculpts that just 'works'. Warduke will always be special to those of us who had the plastic figure as a kid :) Have you seen the Dragon cover where they reimagined him (bigger nastier). Very cool.

    1. Yeah, got the prepainted plastic of steroid rage warduke too. Teeny wittle head!
      Gonna sculpt my own one day. I already did a dwerg one somewhere.

  2. The imp is really great! fantastic work with the painting! What brand is it?

  3. Oooooooh, baby. There are some Goodwin gems in that tray on the left worth droolin' over. Can't wait to see 'em done!

  4. Massive smile!
    Now I'm jealous of that marsh troll....

    1. Thou shalt not covet thy bloggers marsh troll. Fortunately he will stone you for me.