Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Birthday present: skull pony limosine

Mmmmm... plastic crack.  My wife/partner* got me this for my birthday.  Awwww, feeling the love.  She is also driving me to Cancon... A six hour round trip. (Editors note: SEVEN hours she has informed me.  SEVEN.  I am feeling even more love).   :)
   Anyhoo, I will be making the female version at some point... maybe mashing her up a bit with green stuff and bitz.  Cause that's how we roll around here.

Ermegerd, Werhemmer!  Meh eermy will crush yers!
Looking through the instructions, this is a hella complex model with lots of parts.  That isn't usually a bad thing, but in this case it equates to a lot of sanding and cleaning to get them all to interlock.  She will have to wait until after many more shame projects are done and I have another epic energy spurt.

Speaking of which, I managed to get through priming, basing and painting bases on all the non Skaven models shown last post. I started laying in the base colours on a few and became very excited!  Chaos hounds!  Chaos sorcerers!  Much painty goodness!

Pics of some progress soon :)

*[Political LGBTIQ thing:  interesting fact about Australia.  You cannot be married if you are the same gender or intersex.  That is ten percent (same sex attracted) and a further 1.7 percent (intersex) of the population denied equality.   The status of my own marriage is a grey area legally speaking.
  My wife/partner and I can, however, walk into a British consulate, remarry and walk out with our marriage recognised in Australia...  Because the Queen is totes cool with it and because I am a pommie.
  Our 'prime minister' used tax payers money to overturn same sex marriage even though in doing so he denied his very own lesbian sister the right to marry. He is a colossal asswipe.]


  1. I've seen you can assemble Arkhan the Black using this giga-set, yet I think old one (yup: oldie small dude riding ugly chariot) is way better and more characterful. There's not much GW has in the offer for me anymore.

  2. As I'm sure you know our prime minister is also an arsewipe but he pushed for marriage equality; I'm all for it but I'm trying to work out what his angle is.

    I always liked the oldish Arkhan, because of his peaked cap. The 90's undead had a lot of strange headgear.

  3. It's tough to overestimate the asswipery that can happen in social politics. My country's only just starting to reach a tilting point on that particular issue, and it has been a loooong trudge to get there (though there are any number of other issues that are still in the toilet). Hope things start looking up in your neck of the woods. And, you know, generally.