Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Project Shame (part2): More lead from from the depthsMalifaux

My session today involved ressurecting another array of 'shame' figures that have been waiting too long for attention in the depths of my collection.  I found another Kev Adams zombie in my 'to sort later' pile, and dumped out my AD&D bag of unpainted figures- since there isn't many of them this is another area that can be cleared through quickly and checked off.

Yes, I am kinda back in factory mode, which I find kills my energy, but I have decided to do this to kick off the figures.  Simple stuff like rebasing, priming, dark wash, doing metals and doing base colours.  It is nice to feel progress though.

Shading and details can come after, and that is the part I enjoy. It strikes me that if my newborn son keeps me up, having a menu of base coloured models I can quickly tinker with a bit for twenty minute bursts may be a good thing.

Citadel AD&D, Talisman, Half orcs, Dwarfs, Reaper, Asgard, Malifaux and a Storm Giant from Ral Partha

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