Thursday, January 22, 2015

Medusa and Orc and Project shame (4)

The march towards total painted-ness of my back catalogue continues!  Tonight, I focused on base coating greys, metals and greens.  I pushed several more minis along thusly...

Citadel 1980's Talisman Orc and Armoured Medusa
I find that with painting lime greens, it is easy to get great results as warm green paints tend toward translucency.  I highlight by adding a matte medium or windex/water solution to thin the paint to translucent.  This softens the brush marks away and gives a smooth finish.  To get the green look I use for my orcs, I start with some form of medium cool (bluish) green, use a dark grey green for shading and then blend up warm lime highlights.  Once that is all done, I go over the model and richen places with warm dark green glazes and yellow glazes.  Often I will add warm blue glazes to some parts of orcs.  My color choice for the lips is based on Frazer Gray.  Because.

Villagers Actor, Talisman Orc, Night Horror Armoured Medusa, 80's LOTR Legolas (Citadel), Chibi Warduke (Impact)
As you can see the tray behind is moving along.  I am base coating color by color, adding thinned windex to make brushing on the paint a pleasure.  For most of these I am using a black enamel spray primer, VMC medium grey drybrushing to pop the detail, and Jo Sonja craft acrylics (hookers green) for the bases.

Those painting stands are actually pencil sharpeners... 3 for $2 at my local bargain basement store.  A wad of bluetack in the hole fixes the mini in place while I work.  You can put sand or glue washers inside to weigh them down a bit too.  They are especially good once sprayed black, as they are not distracting.  The screw ridge also stops your fingers from sliding up and smudging the model.

Okies, that is me for the night.  Probably next report from CANCON!


  1. Nice greens on those two models. Don't recall seeing the Medusa model before. I'm not 100% familiar with all the Night Horror range.

    1. It's a corker of a range, cleverly designed to straddle both fantasy and gothic horror ranges. Definately avoid collecting it though... far too addictive.

  2. Argh! Finish my warduke and post pics please please please! Did you get the rest of the sculpts too?