Monday, January 19, 2015

Project Shame (3): Progress of the damned

Lead!  Lead!  LEAD!!!  I know how some of you like fossicking through pictures, so here is my current desk situation on project 'Shame removal'.

Mmm... Chaos sorcerers, night horrors, dragon hatchlings, talisman and some Lords of Frodo's ring.

Skaven by the Rat King load, AD&D figures, Talisman, more Skaven, Heroquest, Dungeonquest, Lunchquest and a flying carpet from Grenadier.  Oh, and Skaven, in case you missed that.  Some of those.

The current state of those trays seen before.  Mainly to make me feel good when I look back in a few days and see how far I have come.  Loving Chibi Warduke!


  1. So much shame! :)

    I look forward to seeing some paint on the Skaven, especially!

  2. What. A. Collection. Simply awesome. I am very happy to see you settling on a basing scheme, D. Your very organic style is well-served by those bases. Everything just oozes a muddy, mucky, gribbly, boggy feel. The Jabberwocky would be pleased.

    1. I think one of the thing powering me here is once again seeing my collection as a collection of brilliant things, rather than a collection of unfinished things.
      Tis brillig!

  3. Replies
    1. Yeaaaaarrrrg! Big pics, big pics! We win! We win! Nearg!

    2. LOL...but seriously... such a tease...this lead porn is killing my eye sight!

  4. Haha! There is no end to the shame and guilt...
    Great mini collection, however shameful!

  5. Just painted the complete set of hero quest minis myself, ah the memories. Just block paint, to little time too much lead errrrrr plastic errrrrr pewter whatever.