Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Virtue is a virtue

Yes dear reader, I am feeling virtuous.   I have taken a tablet and hope it will soon pass.  All this virtue is making me virtually giddy.
I forced myself to up end my 'to fix' tub and actually fixing stuff therein.
You know all those things that arrive in the mail with a weapon snapped off and your like... uh, pinning... Ill do that later.
Well tonight was that later baby yeah!
Citadel miniatures:  Aly Morrison Hobgoblin (reaper banner), Broo, Chaos
Centaur, Drum and Drone Ulssen Chaos Dwarf, First Slotta Chaos Warriors,
Adventurer Starter Box fighter with Chaos Familliar
So picture my evening.  Drill, pin, fill... rinse repeat.  Yaaaaaaaaawn.
I figured it would be a good warm up for getting back into mini sculpting.  I was right.  After that pushing putty feels exciting again.
Deneghra converted from her sister
So another crappy iphone picture- this time of a motley crew including some early beastmen (broo), early slotta chaos warriors, a hobgoblin or two from Aly Morrisons nifty fingers and a starter set adventerer with an evil puppet.  Along with this stash was three cavalry figures and a half dozen more simple drill and pin jobs.
I also found Deneghras witch barbs in my bitz box and liberally, (if not wantonly) applied said barbs them to 'er back with this amazing stuff called glue.  Cracking ride this episode, innit?
Next episode is a cliffhanger,  with thrills, spills and more lead with paint applied.  Hang onto your seats readers...  excelsior!


  1. That is a very good looking and sinister war band! Looking forward to next step... /Hans

  2. Oh good point Hans- they do work as a warband don't they? This is just a random batch from the broken pile!

    The puppeteer was a fortunate event- both the familiar and adventurer arrived in mixed lots broken in just the right place! I think I will make him part of a jester warband!

  3. Oh indeed -- good puppeteer!