Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cryx in the neck

A big shout out to my nephew Matthew, who inspired me to finally put some effort into my warmachine figures, which have been sitting on my shelf since... well, before lady ga ga heard a madonna record.  Matt is in Tasmania right now, and is heading to the mainland to reap and plunder shortly.  Its been years since I have seen him, so very exciting.  I have been a dutiful uncle in the meanwhile, and made sure he was well topped up with 40k minis at every chance.
Turns out Matthew is also a Cryx fan!  Whats not to love?  Angry undead robo pirates FTW.

Since Matts going to want a game or ten, I figured what better excuse to drag my sorry ass back to the painting table, then to at least get my figures all painted to table standard in readiness for his arrival.  Its nice to be back behind the brush, my illness sucked all my energy out, (no doubt converting to energon cubes and storing it under a dam) it was really nice to be back to the stage I can comfortably sit and paint.

Early Work in Progress- King's Cryx Horde  (Privateer Press)  30mm plastic bases by

So let me chat about what's in the pic.  Coz dat iz wot I doo.  First up, I dont play Warmahordes, so I just bought cool minis.  I am sure I will correct this error later by filling out my ranks, but since I figured they will probably be used for Skulldred, the 'oh, that looks cool' method of building forces was selected.
In addition to this I have a placcy Reaper Warjack, and two ebil chikenz wiv tuskz and Goreshade- coz he looked badass.

So I am about halfway through the painting of this little lot.  As usual, I got them table ready first, then plan to go back and glaze on some magic later.  I confess I got ahead of myself and started gluing on the basing material before the paint job was done, but hey, I was sick for yonks and missed base decorating.  I want to find some nice little cogs at some stage.

The unpainted model (Top right) is my stand in for Deneghra.  I cut my original model up to use in some conversions, so her sister Victoria Haley got a quick makeover and is doubling her til I get my filthy, diseased fingers upon an epic wavey dynamic witch caster model... the other Deneghra poses are stiff and a bit blah.  This one will do for now.    I used a dremel to etch her blade into a more cryxy style, and blocked in her helmet with procreate/Apoxie mix.  She still needs a detail pass.  I still have the witch blades from the original model, so plan to retrofit those to this one shortly.

Now my cryx chickens are another story... I hate the two legged look, so am thinking of giving them creepy spider legs perhaps using some canopek wraith bits.  If anyone has spare bits and want to trade up, lemme know!  I like the idea of having my chickenz more like steel pirahnnas- and have been thinking of scratchbuilding something along those lines.

I landed some nice plastic battletech figures at the local flea market today for a few bucks, so they are destined for scrap markers.

I am looking forward to finally putting a big 'check' next to the life goal of painting up all my cryx figures, since they have lurked in my collection for soooooo long.  I also have my eye on a few other figures in the range... perhaps put that on my cryxmas list.

As for making my cryx playable, I decided to keep my basing and coloring style compatible with all my other figures- though I originally wanted to do classic cryx grey greens for everything. They all work so well with my weird war, dirz and inquisimunda style figures, so they can tripletime on my table.

I was also thinking of filling in the gaps of my cryx force with proxies from my reaper collection.  Why fork out for satyrx raiders (not greatest models in the faction imho) when I can call upon the mighty range of reaper demon lasses?  Bane thralls are easy to make too.

Anyway, hopefully I have this lot done by the time he arrives... feeling much more energy lately, so that bodes well.

Later peeps!


  1. Oooooh. Very snazzy, Dave. Papa Blanche would be proud.

  2. Really cool!
    I regret I dropped Warhahordes gaming =/

  3. I don't intend on playing warmahordes but also have some cryx lying around undercoated to be used in a song of blades and heroes at some point in time... just something about the combination of undead necromantic magic and machinery/engineering that reeks of awesome!... am likely to go for spooky green glow and black myself... not entirely sure of fleshtone I'm going to go for?