Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dire Chicken

Undead Robochicken Privateer Press
I realized my plan to add spider legs to my Cryx chickens put them in the too hard basket and would mean my force was not ready for my nephew's arrival...  so...
Nothin I fancy... just a straight forward pj to get the job done.  I used cork tiled to build up the base, hardened this with thin superglue and pinned on my robo chicken.
Whilst chained to my desk I also magnetized my plastic warjack using the old dremmel and greenstuff technique to fix the magnets in place.  I am not looking forward to painting all the parts separately, and have a dreaded feeling that some of the heads may disappear under the table never to be found again.
I reread the warmachine rules again last night and, well, to be honest I am not filled with excitement.   Admittedly its not the latest edition,  but it seems due to the special rules combining forces that a major portion of playing the game is in army building and deployment, the actual mechanics of battle seem hella complicated for the end result.  But, as I always say the proof of a game is in the playing.

I am tempted to do a war golem skulldred expansion now.  Once I finish the main book!

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