Sunday, July 21, 2013

Realms of Chaos era Warband: Nurgle

All this cryx stuff has made me pine for old school realm of chaz and dave.  Some demons require a summonin'

Pappa Nurgle!  Pappa Nurgle!

Oh happy days.  I finally glued together my greater demons of Nurgle.  Boy I am knocking those painful tasks out this week.  Its making me all confident and stuff.
I always coveted these, especially after Mike McVey pulled of a masterfully blended deep green pj in a white dwarf article.  After decades, I am about to fullfill the childhood wish to paint one up.  Twice!
This is the spirit of what drives us... that need to fill the voids white dwarf burned into our souls.
That little beardy gold grabbin git.

The three nurgle champs front and center I owned back then, did my best paint jobs on ever and promptly gave them away before migrating to oz.  I am excited to paint them again after all these years!

Later down the road I have me a plague Ettin, two mounted nurgle lords from different eras, and a cthonian larvae that will double as a beast of nurgle (til I get one).

I have some slaanesh stuff bagged up still, but not one tzeenchian chap to my name, strangely.  I will have to rectify that... anyone got a lord of change or two they fancy swapping?


  1. You lucky fella! That looks like a mob any man would love to paint ^^ Have fun

  2. same thing as steve, why no horns?
    a lovely collection of festering fiends though!

  3. A repulsive band indeed. Can't wait to see them painted up.

  4. Thanks all! Oooh yes, I am itching to paint this little lot. Shame I am short on time next week. Still, it will cheer me up no end knowing I have this to look forward to.

    Bald pappas is because I wasnt feeling horny. :p

    Actually I only had one set and I didn't like the look of it on either model, so I am going to carve some later from hardened putty over wire and will add them later on. So I have a spare horn bit if anyone wants them lemme know!

    Colour schemes are my next issue. Suggestions welcome!

  5. Love those Nurgle minis! /Hans

  6. So very true about the spirit driving us...

    It's good to see you overflowing with hobby mojo !
    As far as colour scheme is concerned -> NO GREEN (I say this knowing I mostly failed in this mission) YOU can do it ! There's so much to do with disgusting brons and roten flesh to let green aside...

  7. I have a spare greater daemon of Tzeentch up for trade if you want one still.. Oddly I have more of these than the other gods..
    I am Mutantdale on the oldhammer forums..

  8. Have you considered sticking cicada wings on the back of the fly dude? I own him and will never get around to it...

  9. If I find any cicada wings I plan to glue them to my eyebrows in some mysterious political statement.

    Love to trade Dale- I am not on oldhammer... emailage instead? I am davideking-gmail-com with an @ and . Instead of slashes.

    I gotta do one in green for Mcveyness. Me thinky blanchy white yellow orange for the rest. Maybe in batches of 3.

  10. Very nice!

    Where are the bases from? Been going through your whole blog but I can't seem to find it mentioned anywhere.

    thanks :)