Saturday, July 20, 2013

A three color skaven

Damn amine intolerance.   Could not sleep friday night, so did boring things for a bit. Rebasing is my ususal go to in times of antihistamine dazed nights, but after six chaos warriors got new treads I felt that itch to paint.  Something unimportant was required.
I decided to be-slap a skaven about the head with my hairy wand.  No touching up of orcs tonight.
This poor (skaven)blight-er was one of those I recently repaired from the deep morass that was my broken minis tub.  I stuck the legs back on this chap with a couple of pins, during which time I noted that, much like Tom Cruise in interview with a vampire, he was somewhat miscast.  Perfect!

I had visited Steve Deans website a few days ago, and decided to try the old 'three shade layers over black' technique favored by historical grognards, with crisp contrast, strong edging, deep black parting and no blending or glazes.
I knocked him out quickly and finally got tired and went to bed, pleased that one more figure had risen from the lead pile to take its place on the done pile.

As you can see by the picture- he is not so crash hot up close but boy he reads well on the gaming table- much better than most of my figures do.  I can easily make out his rope weapon at five feet- which is surprising.
I must push my brightness and contrast more in general.

Oh, and he is standing on a newly finished hill module for my Skulldred table.  Thats one more thing that was lurking un finished in my studio done.

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