Sunday, July 14, 2013

Touching some orcs up

Tonight I touched up some orcs whilst the varnish dried on the last batch of Cryx.  These lovely old school figures are from Ral Partha (iron wind metals these days).
I just spent an hour or two on them, and want to go back in for some ink washes to make them pop a bit more.  Excuse the shitty iphone snap.  Couldnt be bothered setting up the camera.  Still not 100% clearly.
Anyway, lovely old school minis.  Enjoy.
Ral Partha Orcs.  Fun to touch up.


  1. 'Tonight I touched up some orcs...'

  2. Love that creepiness on the right. Great work.

  3. Cheers... he reminds me of the preacher from poltergeist 2. Hella creepy.

  4. Oh I used to have that guy on the left and the rest of his mates. I loved them so much. Great job on him.