Monday, July 15, 2013

Scrap tokens

Any old Iron, Any old Iron, anyee, anyee, anyee ooooold eye-ronn.
I picked up a crappy looking rubber battletech loader mech the other day for two bucks.  Tonight it gave its life for scrap tokens, and surprisingly I got five out of it.  Bargain.
I just tore up the model and voila. Excellent junk.
These tokens will come in handy for a variety of games.  I have some copplestone bikers on my shelf that will no doubt get to shoot out over these at some point.  Pchoo, pchoo!
On other project fronts... I *finally* landed my last Dwarf for the Undead Assault project.  Mimbrim is on the way!
I am still missing some skellies, but they are suddenly going for silly money on eBay at the moment.   Weird how it goes in waves like some insane stock market with no apparent rhyme or reason.
I am not feeling up to tackling big things right now, so the castle and mushroom forrest scenery will have to wait.  I may just focus on creeping along finishing off long time incomplete figures til then.


  1. scrap token and objectives markers are the perfect way to nail many minis in no time. There's little chance you might want to spend time on blendings with such things... ^^

  2. Very nice. I'm currently working up some fantasy tokens... too bad they don't make rubber mechs made out of treasure hoards...